The ECB approves a fourth rate hike

Restrictive measures to alleviate the escalation of inflation continue. And, after the rate hike in a new rise of half a point is coming. We tell you everything about this fourth increase in  and the forecast for  in our article. Find the best mortgage without mistakes Going from bank to bank is a thing of the past. GET INFORME FOR FREE What does the new rate hike consist of? The European Central Bank (ECB) returns to its old ways and approves a new increase in interest rates, presented last. This is the fourth increase so far this year, the rest took place in  and. The rate increase is half a point.

The first effects of the last rate hike

The new increase of the ECB is reminiscent of those of the Federal Reserve (Fed) of the United States, the last one on . It is the seventh consecutive rate increase in the country. An upcoming Fed Canada Phone Number List rate hike is also expected, with inflation hitting across the pond. Get the best mortgage with a mortgage brokerSince the last rate hike was announced, the European and Spanish economy continues to revolutionize. The most talked about news is the price of the Euribor , which this, will be close to 3% . As if that were not enough, the index’s response to last week’s changes was 2.9%, a value that had not been seen for 14 years. 

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What has been the increase in interest rates in 2022?

In five months the financial institution has announced four interest rate increases: First rate increase of the year, 50 basis points. Initially it was expected to be half. . Second increase, this time of 75 basis points rates are increased by 75 basis points. Although less extreme, the increase is 50 basis points. When will the next rate hike be? Forecast The ECB has made it clear that these measures Albania phone number database will not end in the short term future.  For now, the next rate hike does not have a specific date. What is known is that the ECB and its members will meet again. 


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