Guide 5 tips to sell your apartment successfully

It is going to be, without a doubt, a different year in terms of buying and selling real estate. At Housfy Venta we know that the situation in the Spanish market may raise certain unknowns when it comes to selling your apartment in but you have nothing to worry about. We can help you guarantee a successful sale! We have made a guide with 5 tips to sell your property in electronic format. You can download it right here completely free of charge and take a look at it before taking this big step with your home. Guide 5 Tips to sell your property Download it for free!  When is it best to sell an apartment in? We know the importance you give to selling a flat and that you want everything to go perfectly. We also. Therefore, first of all, it is essential to ask yourself: “Will it be a good year to sell your apartment?” Experts believe that we are not in a real estate bubble , which arises when the demand to buy real estate is greater than the supply of real estate to sell.

Documentation to sell an apartment

They do consider, however, that in we will experience a market adjustment , in which demand and supply will balance, although, for the moment, these are only forecasts. Sell ​​your house getting more for less Paying a lot to receive little is a thing of the past. One of the requirements to UAE Phone Number List sell a flat that takes the process longer is documentation. In order to achieve a much more agile sale, we recommend that you prepare the papers in advance and make sure that they are current. The documentation that you will need to have ready to be able to put your property up for sale is the following: valid ID Check the expiration date, lest you have an offer waiting and your ID has expired. A passport or residence card is also valid. Housing deeds Energy Efficiency Certificate Simple note to facilitate the buying and selling process ITE certificate Last IBI payment Certificate of zero debt with the community.

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Steps to follow to sell an apartment

The sales process also includes other steps to follow. These are some of the steps to be successful in selling your property: Discover the market value of your property . You can value an apartment for free with a good Afghanistan phone number database free online simulator. Prepare the documentation and keep an eye on the market. Put your apartment for sale on the most visible portals and with an attractive advertisement. Write a good deposit contract and then sign the deed before a notary. Remember that we have exclusively broken down 5 tips to successfully sell your property in 2023. You can obtain our guide for free, linked at the beginning of this article. It will reveal everything you need to get to work on your sale. We also recommend that you consult the real estate market forecast for  by our experts, in the following article.


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