These are the cheapest neighborhoods

Do you want to buy an apartment in Madrid? In this article we break down the cheapest neighborhoods in Madrid to buy an apartment. Get your ideal home Find apartments and houses for sale in your city SEARCH APARTMENTS House prices in Madrid: all-time highs  Spain, began to rise at the end ofand now month after month it exceeds historical highs. The average price throughout the city is  , according to RealAdvisor, although this largely depends on the area where the property is located. Only some districts maintain prices Decks Saint Blaise Linear City Carabanchel Latin Vila de Vallecas Vallecas Bridge Villaverde Moratalaz The other districts have surpassed historical highs at the end of .

Cheapest areas of Madrid to buy an apartment

If you are thinking of buying an apartment in Madrid , you will be interested in knowing which are the most affordable neighborhoods to live in right now. Villaverde stands out as the cheapest district in Hong Kong Phone Number List Madrid , well below the city average. Below, we detail other affordable neighborhoods, with a price below the average and that provide a good quality of life .  It has all the services , large green areas, good connections with the rest of the city and large annual events. The best known are: The San Silvestre Vallecana , the most popular New Year’s Eve race in Spain. Rayo Vallecano , a soccer team whose fans fill the streets of Vallecas with atmosphere and spirit on game nights.

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I want to buy an apartment in Madrid

Vicalvaro One of the districts with the fewest arrests at the end of, according to data from the Madrid Municipal Police, is Vicálvaro, east of Moratalaz. It is also one of the youngest areas of the city. It has experienced Algeria phone number database an increase in prices in recent years and has surpassed all-time highs. Even so, it is  still one of the cheapest to live in, with around . Although it still does not have some basic services, it has a promising future ahead of it. There are also many cheap places to live near Madrid . We leave you an article from us about some towns near the capital where you can find a quieter life, if you prefer.


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