Rent deposit in Madrid: what it consists of

Renting an apartment in Madrid is always a decision that brings with it various doubts and uncertainties. From the necessary documentation to the price of the monthly fee, it is a complex procedure. One of the most important questions revolves around the rental deposit in Madrid . Therefore, below we will tell you how it works. Rent your apartment and forget about worries 0% late payment. We take charge if the tenant does not pay. GET INFORMED FOR FREE What is the rental deposit in Madrid? When we talk about the rental deposit we are referring to the additional guarantee that the owner can request from the tenant in addition to the month of the deposit. This deposit is requested when, as a landlord, you want to ensure that there will be no problem with non-payment or with the home in general on the part of the tenant.

Difference between rental deposit and deposit

The concept of a rental deposit is often confused with that of a deposit . Thus, although they are concepts that may be similar in many aspects, the truth is that they have differences that are very important for you to know. We explain them to you: The rental deposit is mandatory , the deposit is not. The amount of the deposit must be deposited in the corresponding body of each Uganda Phone Number List autonomous community. On the contrary, the deposit is kept by the owner until the end of the contract. The deposit money can only be used to cover repairs once the rental contract ends . However, the deposit can be used for non-payments, damages or repairs to the property.Now that you know the differences between the deposit and the rental deposit, you know that the deposit should not be given to any entity or autonomous body.

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How to make the deposit of the rental deposit in Madrid?

In the case of the rental deposit in Madrid, it is deposited in the Social Housing Agency of the Community of Madrid (IVIMA). Thus, the steps that the owner must follow to deposit the deposit are as follows: Self-assessment Access Bulgaria phone number database the website of the IVIMA Bond Deposit Registry. Once inside, fill out the data and documentation requested in the online form. Remember that it is now mandatory to complete the cadastral reference information. Presentation When you make the payment, you will be shown proof of payment and receipt. You can download this document instantly and receive it by email. This proof does not need to be presented in any registry. And so, in three simple steps and from the comfort of your home, you can process the rental deposit in Madrid. Furthermore, if


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