List of landlord obligations for rental repairs

If you have your property rented, it is very likely that a question has arisen: who is in charge of the maintenance of the apartment? In this article, we tell you about the landlord’s obligations regarding repairs to the rental property, as well as those of the tenant. Rent your apartment and forget about worries 0% late payment. We take charge if the tenant does not pay. GET INFORMED FOR FREE What arrangements are the owner responsible for? Article 21 of the Urban Leasing Law of 1994 establishes that it is the owner’s obligation to carry out any necessary repairs to keep the home in habitable conditions .

List of landlord’s obligations regarding repairs

We give you some examples of notable defects that make it unviable to live in. Roof conservation works or reinforcement of the beams Fixes dampness in the structure or fixes on the walls Soil maintenance Repair of the drainage network Repair or replacement of appliances , if the apartment already had them and the rental contract promises them. For example a ceramic Iceland Phone Number List hob that has stopped working or a radiator that leaks water. Repair or replacement of water and electricity installations and the boiler. In our Housfy guide we explain it to you step by step. What repairs are the responsibility of the tenant.

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How to know who is responsible for a repair

The best advice is to maintain a healthy dialogue between both parties and logic will determine who should handle a repair. To stay healthy, establish in the rental contract some clauses on the maintenance of the Canadian phone number database home, reconcilable with what the LAU dictates. In these cases, having the support of a real estate agency always helps communication. We recommend our article on what real estate agencies charge to manage your rental . How much does a real estate agency charge to manage a rental? Avoid landlord obligations for repairs Many do not with issues that arise during the term of the contract.


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