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After putting your apartment up for rent, it is time to choose a tenant. This process is complicated, since every landlord is looking for a tenant who is capable of paying all the payments. Therefore, the most common thing is to request information to ensure solvency . Below we explain what information should be requested from your future tenants. Rent your apartment and forget about worries 0% late payment. We take charge if the tenant does not pay. GET INFORMED FOR FREE How to check the tenant’s solvency? If you want to rent a home safely , you are most likely wondering how to demonstrate your future tenant’s financial solvency for rent. When faced with this question, the simplest solution is to ask the tenant to present the necessary documentation, so you can resolve the mystery. The information that should be requested from your future tenants is: Valid DNI or NIE. Rental deposit. As established by the Law, the tenant must provide at least one month’s deposit for the home. Work contract. That the tenant present their employment contract is essential to be able to verify that, if so, the tenant has financial solvency. Last three payrolls.

What information should be requested from your future tenants

What to ask of a potential tenant? Although the mandatory documents required to rent an apartment in are essentially those mentioned in the previous section, owners can also request more documents. If this were the case, as a landlord you could request the following information: Endorsement Although it is not mandatory, requesting the presentation of a guarantee is always a recommended choice, especially when renting in locations where there is high demand. Last personal income tax declaration. To ensure the financial solvency of your tenant, you can request the latest tax return from your tenant. References from other landlords. Requiring the contract from your potential tenant’s former landlord is a wise option if you want to know what their experience was like and more information about the tenant’s behavior. Presentation letter. Although it is requested less frequently, you may require a cover letter to learn more about your future tenant. Even so, this is usually requested in homes where the owner is a company.

Calculate the solvency of the rent

As a landlord, it could happen that, after having the tenant’s mandatory documents, you are not entirely sure about the tenant’s financial solvency. The next option would be to request a solvency study . It is an analysis of the financial capacity of the future tenant and is carried out to find out if they can afford the monthly payments and expenses associated with the home, such as paying for supplies, for example. Thus, the study examines the tenant’s income and expenses , so that the total salary allows them to pay the rent without problem. If the study determines that the tenant has 60% of his salary left over after collecting rent, the result is considered positive. Documents requested for the solvency study If you decide to request a solvency study of your tenant, the documents you will need to provide are the following: Last three payrolls. Work contract. Working life REPORT. Documentation for self-employed people. Bank statement. Bail. References from other landlords. Once you gather and present the required documentation, the company in charge of carrying out the solvency study should take about 24 hours to do the study.


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